Dancing with Jimmy


Robert Hubbard’sDancing with Jimmy poster gripping solo play of friendship and adventure reminds us once again that the security of modern life is an illusion. As his story unfolded, I was transported out of my cozy chair to a mountain top where life and death hung in the balance. I couldn’t take my eyes away.”
Lowry Marshall, MFA– Marshall teaches “Solo Performance” at Brown University. She served as the original dramaturge and director of Lisa Kron’s Obie award-winning solo show 2.5 MINUTE RIDE and director and co-writer with Deb Filler of FILLER UP, currently on tour in Australia and New Zealand.

Hubbard’s compelling tale shares the stage in graceful harmony with the performer’s delightfully self-aware telling. The performance is witty, and weighty — surprisingly complex in its expression, entirely clear in its universal truth.
James Bunzli, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Theatre Arts, Loyola University, Baltimore, MD.

Laughter is good medicine. With healing humor and vivid imagery, Bob Hubbard tells the marvelously exciting story of “Dancing with Jimmy” which celebrates the triumph, not of the human spirit, but of God’s grace.
The Rev. Harlan Van Oort, Chaplin at Northwestern College, Orange City, IA.

“Dancing with Jimmy” is a lyrical testimony of faith, a simple story powerfully portrayed by Bob Hubbard.  I found myself taken away to that wild imagined place, a place of personal discovery and introspection, a place of spiritual renewal.  Bob Hubbard is a skilled performer and a wonderful writer.  He is also a brave man with a good sense of humor and the soul of a poet who gives voice to all of us who seek God’s faith in everyday life and in those moments that change us.  The result is a compelling story for all to hear—a beautiful tale masterfully told.
Ronald Shields, Ph.D. Professor of Theatre and Chairman of the Department of Theatre at Bowling Green State University.